Paridhi put sauce on urmi’s face. Urmi screamed, but Pari is resented. Gopi comes theree and slapped Pari on face. Pari says how dare you to do that. Gopi says I can ask you how dare you to do that. Pari is about to slap her back but Gopi holds her hand and twists her arm. Gopi says don’t even try to dob this again.

Gopi tells, Pari was really angry and she put sauce on umri’s face and this resented me. Pari tells, I was annoyed with the kids and mixed cough syrup in their juice so they can sleep for sometime. Reporter says, Pari mixed the cough syrup and gives it to kids. Koki comes there and says drink one glass yourself. Pari drank it and she told everything to urmi in slumber. Urmi started slapping pari. This infuriated pari.

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