Gopi and Pari are face to face again. Gopi says, this is too much. Pari says, yeah I know you will tell everyone my reality. Go tell them I will se who believes you. Gopi says, you are such a bad girl. Don’t you feel ashamed. Gopi is about to slap Pari but she stops her.

Reporter says,a war has broken out between Gopi and Pari. Pari has vowed she will mak place in the house while Gopi wants to kick her out. Pari has been slapped once by Gopi but she stopped Gopi this time. Pari says, I haven’t even seek revenge of the first one yet.

Gopi tells the reporter, I dislike her because she is deceiving everyone. SHe is treating my children badly. Still everyone is giving her place in the heart. No one is believing me because she has mocks pretty well.

On the other hand, Pari has another war with urmila. She dislikes her kids and said I want to throw them out of the house. This infuriates urmi and she slapped her twice. Pari tells the reporter, I have been slapped twice. Urmi has slapped me twice.

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