Vivan comes in Paridhi’s room and says I love you so much. He says it out loud, I love you Pari. Pari shuts his mouth by placing hands on his mouth. He comes closer and caresses her face. He says no one loves you in this house and Jigar, he doesn’t care about you at all. He has two wives. And look at me I left everything in Dehli to come here and meet you. He places his pictures with Paridhi on the walls.

Off screen: Vivan says its psycho love. I am in totally love with her. A man is a bit cracked when he loves someone so madly. Paridhi says he knows that I am married to Jigar still he came here from Dehli then he is certainly psycho. Business is just an excuse.

Paridhi says to him I will never be yours and keep one thing in mind, don’t ever step in my room again. Vivan tells the reporter I am forcing her to come with me. I am convincing her that I love her and we will live together. But she is only concerned about Jigar. Then suddenly Kokila knocks on the door. Paridhi is scared. Vivan says go open the door and clambers out from the window. She burns her pictures placed my Vivan on the walls.

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