All family members are sitting on dining table, one lady in veil comes there and serves them.

Reporter says, there is new entry in Modi house, Paridhi has brought a new servant in house. The servant is veiled and is hiding her face and Modi family got shock when they saw her face.

The lady takes off her and kids shouts seeing burned and scared face, she is none other than Radha.

Off-screen Paridhi is with Radha. She says, Radha is back. Radha says yes, I am back with new face and it burned. To know how it got burnt, you have to watch the show.

Reporter says, yes the shrewd Radha is back and she has now changed her name from Radha to Roopmati, She has become servant to enter the modi house.

Off-screen Paridhi says, I have brought Roopmati in house because I was in search maid, I am very lazy and can’t work. Meethi is being advised to bed rest by doctor. She says that Roopmati made dog bite meethi so she is on bed rest now.

Reporter says, this time too Radha has planned everything to enter in house, she made dog bite house maid when most of the members of house are ill so work load came on paridhi.

On-screen Kokila says to Paridhi that those who are will eat kichidi while kids will eat normal food so make full lunch for them.

Reporter says, Paridhi cannot handle work load so she brought a maid in house which is radha.

Kokila scolds Paridhi that you hired a servant and didn’t take my permission, atleast you should have informed me.

off-screen Paridhi says, I don’t know the story Radha so I brought her in house, I don’t know what will happen next.

Reporter says, Kokila could not recognize Radha because of burned face but when she will come to know that she is radha then what she will do. Kokila says, when Radha will reveal her identity, she will get slippers from me, I will beat her with my shoes.

Reporter says, Radha will bring many twists. She will may jigar instead of Paridhi.

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