Sanyukta and Randhia are painting the wall. Randhir is about to throw a paint bucket on her. Sanyu covers her face, Randhir comes forward and hugs her.

Off screen: Sanyukta says, I was bore of all the bike rides so I thought we should try something new. Randhir says and as usual we don’t have money on and off screen to hire a painter. Randhir says and the paint shows how bad painters we are.

Sanyu called Randhir to come and paint her PG. He writes Sandhir on the wall.

Randhir off screen says, how shameless are you. You called a guy to paint your house at this hour of time. Sanyukta says I wasn’t mood to work. Randhir says girls have gotten so shameless. They call guys and seduce them.

Randhir took off his shirt while painting. Randhir says, my body isn’t like it used to be but still i showed it.

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