Kabir and Rachna are seen dancing during their sangeet ceremony. Dawat E Ishq plays……………Rachna and Kabir seems to be happy and enjoying dancing with each other.

Reporter says, marriage functions are going to start. Finally they are going to be married. They are celebrating and dancing. Someone is there to halt their marriage but he (Bittu) can be ignored.

Kabir says, he is happy as Rachna’s father approved of their alliance. Rachna says, her father said that he can’t get a good groom than Kabir. Rachna appreciates his look and clothes. She says he is looking very handsome.

Kabir praises Rachna’s dress and looks. Reporter says, finally they are becoming one. We just hope that they get marry.

Mayank is getting jealous seeing Gunjan’s success. While Gunjan is busy giving the interview, Mayank is standing her purse. Mayank says, he is feeling like a star and not attended by anyone. Reporter says, they couldn’t enjoy the dawat at the show’s set. Keep reading.

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