Mataji blesses Prem and Simar. Vikrant has come there too.

Reporter says, Prem has comeback to his house and Simar has brought him. before he cameback in house, all family members were praying for him and Mataji was most emotional one.

Mataji does pooja of maa and prays to maa to bring Prem back.

Off-screen Simar says, finally prayers have worked. Rajendra says Simar is devi (Goddess) of our house, she has made efforts to join this family. Jhanvi says yes she has made efforts by denying to everything, they laugh. Simar says see this is my family.

Reporter says, Simar is indeed a Goddess, nothing can happen to her family till she is there, any miracle can happen when you are around, you solve every problem.

Off-screen Jhanvi says, Simar is Super Simar Bbhabi, SSB, Simar laughs. Reporter says, its true you are super women, you will solve every problem in future too. simar says of-course, me and Roli are super women, super daughter in laws. She jokes that I flied in show when I fell off the clip. Jhanvi says there is nothing which simar has not tried and couldn’t get success in it.

Reporter says, for now simar should celebrate as Prem hav returned the house.

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