Reporter says Thapki goes to take interview of big minister. Thapki comes home and Bihaan asks Thapki about the interview. Kosi calls this Kalyug that woman is managing news channel work and Bihaan is managing home. Reporter says Thapki tells Bau ji that there was nothing to air on the channel, and interview will get completed later.

Kosi taunts Vasundara on her bahu, that Thapki is going to earn and men sit at home and eat Reporter say. Kosi is about to cut Sankara’s hair, when Vasundara stops Kosi. Offscreen Bihaan says Vasundara announces Shuddhi Karan puja to stop Kosi. Bihaan says we all do not know why Kosi has come in Pandey Nivaas, they have license to make wine at home, maybe Kosi came to get property. Keep reading.

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