Ishita is hospitalized. Ruhi comes there and is reallu worried for ishita. She says Ishima why didn’t you eat your meal on time. She says you should eat properly. Ishita hugs her. They are both in tears. Raman is also standing there. Ruhi makes her eat from her tiny hands. Both Raman and Money couldn’t make Ishita eat as this could break her fast, but she agreed when Ruhi requested her.

Off screen, ruhi says Ishima please eat it. Be a good girl. Ishita says I wanna eat something tasty like Ruhi not this banana. Ishita says, I promised mummy ji that I won’t eat and fast like she used to do. But since Ruhi is asking me so I have to eat now. She adds, I can’t live without Raman’s scolds. I would be like please scold me once why have you changed. I like it when he scolds.

Raman scolds at her I will slap you if you don’t eat. Is fast important than your life?

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