There is a modern party in Singhaniya house. Its because of Karishma. Everyone is dressed in weird dresses. Akshara has dressed like a tom boy. They all dance.

Akshara says, I have dressed like a tom boy and I am teasing all the girls. I like it. Its a bit changed look.

They all took selfies and photos. Its Karishma’s bachelors party. Later there was a pajama party in which Akshara wore a red night suit. Bhabhi ma and Akshara’s mom have dressed like teenage girls as well. Bhabhi maa says, it feels good. Feels like we are free of some 2 KG clothes. Divyani says, our daughter in law is modern so we adopted this attire as well. Karishma says, I am very happy because this party is for me.

Suddenly there was knock on the door and all the women were scared if it was their husbands. Bhabhi maa says, he will be happy to see me happy. Akshara says, natik will faint if he finds me like this.

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