Mehndi ceremony is going on. Akshara throws some red color on the floor and makes half heart in it with her finger. Natik comes and complete the heart. Akshara and rest on the women dance on the song, ‘manwa lagay’. Suddenly all the women stand still in their respective positions. Akshara is startled. Natik comes and the song, ‘zehenaseeb’ plays. It’s like time has stopped for them. It was a dream sequence of Akshara and Natik. Akshara and Natik make the heart in the red color.

Natik brings a hermaphrodite and hides her face with her end of her saari. Naman thinks it’s KArishma. He holds her hand and when he sees her face he is startled. Everyone laughs. The hermaphrodite dances with Naman. Naman tells the reporter, it was an embarrassing moment with it was chitti maharaj rather than Karishma. He says I liked this cult. It was different. There is a lot more to come. It will be a beach wedding which will be something new.

A woman comes in and says that there is some upgrading in the airlines. Therefore, their flight will take off at night rather than morning. Divyani off screen says, we have to pack up early. Let’s see what happens.

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