Zalak Desai to play Darshana in COLORS’ Shubhaarambh

COLORS Shubhaarambh has redefined what it means to be stronger, together. As Raja (Played by Akshit Sukhija) and Rani (Played by Mahima Makwana) fight different complications in life, the duo is still going strong. They have proven that when love is true and is meant to be, nothing can overpower it.

Currently in the show, Rani is trying her best to reveal Gunwant’s true face in front of Bhavin. She is aware that Bhavin is listening in on her conversation. Taking advantage of that, she will talk to Raja about signing the papers and ensure that Bhavin gets the message. Amidst these twists and turns, actress Zalak Desai will be seen as Raja’s Bhabhi, Darshana.

Excited at the prospect of beginning a new journey with Shubhaarambh, Zalak Desai says, “I am extremely happy to be associated with COLORS again. The channel has always come up with unique stories that strike a chord with the audience. Shubhaarambh is one such show that in a very beautiful manner has managed to get the message across of how people can be stronger, together and so I decided to take this opportunity and be a part of this wonderful show. Also, I believe that I was destined to do this show and play such an interesting character. I’m sure that the viewers will be delighted to watch me as Darshana. The journey has begun on a happy note and I am looking forward to it.”

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