MTV Splitsvilla X5: Uorfi Javed’s mischief box causes chaos as contestants dive into their first task

MUMBAI : MTV Splitsvilla X5: Exsqueeze Me Please surprises drops truth bombs throughout the villa, setting the stage for mischief and revelations. Everyone is on the edge of their seats as mischievous Uorfi Javed bursts into the mansion, sparking chaos.

When Uorfi Javed learns that the boys considered all three girls to be “undesirable,” she proclaims, “In teeno ladko ki itni himmat ke inhone in teeno ko undesirable kaha, mein yaha crown pehen ke aayi hu toh aise hi thodi apna taj use nahi karu.” Uorfi drops a bombshell that leaves jaws dropping and heads racing, as she boldly declares, “Lucky ko Unlucky aur Unlucky ko Lucky bana sakti hu mein.”

The competition heats up as contestants vie for survival in the cutthroat world of Splitsvilla with alliances forming and breaking. Jashwanth with Akriti and Khanak, Harsh with Rushali and Niharika (Dr. Arica) and Siwet with Anicka and Shobhika will compete. The ‘undesirable’ girls form alliances: Kashish with Arbaz and Adit, Nidhi with Ayushmaan and Dev Karan; and lastly Ishita with Addy and Aniket. Uorfi leaves them with a cryptic warning “Kuch bhi karna, sab kuch karna, bas last mat aana.”

“Double Date, Trouble Date” is the first task that the Splitsvillains embark on. With twists, the contestants go on a romantic date that includes arranging bouquets, decorating cakes, and using their squeezes to eat and make drinks. The problem is that they have to rush against the clock and continuously say “Oh Baby” to their dates. During the dome session, the first three people to take a selfie get to stay on the safe side. Arbaz’s antics had everyone laughing despite the fierce competition.

Now that the task is over, relationships start to blossom between the Splitsvillains. However, when Khanak sees Adit and Kashish getting close, jealousy sets in. Rumors that Kashish has all the boys at her fingertips are spread by Ayushmaan, inciting arguments and turning the villa against him.

Power relationships, rumors, and betrayals surface during the first Dome session, impacting Ayushmaan’s standing in the villa as the show approaches its peak. With The Mischief Box, Sunny Leone promises surprising turns. The trio that will face the oracle and put their fate to the test is determined by the votes cast by the Splitsvillains on the dumping side.

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