My parents named me after Sridevi’s movie ‘Chandni’: Chandni Sharma

Chandni Sharma is making her acting debut with Beyond Dreams Entertainment’s “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2”. She says her parents are a big fan of late Sridevi and named her after the actress’ superhit movie “Chandni”.

“My name Chandni means moonlight. My parents loved Sridevi ji’s movie ‘Chandni’ and they decided if they ever have a girl child, they would name her after the movie. So that’s how I got my name,” she said. Chandni says the title of the show is very gripping and added, “It’s a romantic thriller so the title ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’ justifies it. Love knows no bounds, you can kill or get killed in love.”

The debutante will play the role of Ishani in the show. Talking about her role, she said, “I’m playing Vansh’s younger sister Ishani. She is a total brat. She is a fashion lover, very glamorous, and was born with a silver spoon, far from the hardships of life and its struggle.”

Asked how much she relates to the character, she said, “Besides being a brat, Ishani is very transparent, she doesn’t keep anything inside I’m very much like that. Not a brat, but very straight forward. I can never sugar coat something to please anyone. My love for clothes, shoes, and makeup makes it a little easy for me to play this character.”

This is the second season of the “Ishq Mein Marjawan” franchise and features Helly Shah, Vishal Vashishtha, and Rrhaul Sudhir. Chandni says she is enjoying working with Mamta and Yash Patnaik and added, “Everything is so professional yet it feels like a family. I know I can go to Mamta ma’am and Yash sir for any guidance without any hesitation.”

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