Aahil shows the model of his dream house to Sanam. Itni Si Khushi plays……..while Sanam gets teary eyed. Reporter says, this is Sanam and Ahil’s aashiyaa or dream house….

Aahil and Sanam look lovingly at each other. It is made by Sanam with her hands. Reporter asks, why Sanam has tears in her eyes. Aahil says, I have broken the dream house. Sanam says, he broke my heart. Aahil says, that’s why I made the dream house again.

Reporter says, mother in law Tanveer’s friends come home to see Sanam’s dream house. Sanam was speechless as the house was broken. Aahil surprises her by bringing the dream house. Aahil says he don’t let her cry. He says, I am sure she loves the kitchen.

Reporter says, Tanveer is irked and tells Sanam not to see any dreams. Sanam gave her a good reply. Well said Sanam and we are sure that your prayers will be answered soon. Keep reading.

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