Radha comes downstairs and takes off the cloth from her face. Radha says don’t any of you dare to come close to me. Gopi says, you have crossed all the limits. Kokila says, she is a mental case. Gopi says, I can’t believe that you are my sister. You have no shame left in you. Urmi tried to throw her out. Radha says leave my hand. Urmi says I won’t you came in this house by deceiving us. You call yourself daughter in law of this house. Radha says, leave my hand or I will file a case against you.

Kokila off screen says, we were supposed to enjoy firecrackers in Diwali but we are having bombs here. Radha says, we are doing all the things that they hate.

Gopi says, Radha you used to call. Jigar your brother and you did this to him now. Gopi and Radhan played a game and took the pictures from her phone on which she is blackmailing Jigar. Radha has saved them on a safe place as well.

Paridhi tells the reporter, I have seen the pictures and I transferred them on my phone. She has some more videos that she will get played on TV. She is so smart and she has hard copies as well.

Radha will shock them more by telling them that she is pregnant with Jigar’s child

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