Ishita, Raman and family were in the car, but they ended up in jail.

Ishiat says, this game played by mummy. She wanted to make me and Raman one so they played this trick and this is very cunning of them. Mummy ji says, I have asking them to stop these quarrels. Its is disturbing everyone in the house. Ruhi is tensed due to them. I had to send her to Pammi’s house. We are fed up of all this and its getting on our nerves.

Raman and Ishita even started fighting in the jail. They have a criminal sitting in between. Ishita says I don’t commit these kinds of mistakes Raman. Raman says, Raman says how would I know. She says you can’t even take care of my bracelet.

Ishita says, its in our blood we can’t live without fighting.

The poor prisoner is stuck between them. He says, please take me out of here. Even the cop is annoyed with this argument.

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