Deepika and Arjun Kapoor have arrived at Ishita’s house. As their movie Finding Fanny is releasing soon. They came to Dehli to find Fanny. Toshi is so glad to meet them and hugs them.

Ishita says, two really gorgeous and hot people are here. When it came out that you are coming to Bhalla house people went mad. They said please take a photo of Deepika. Deepika says we have reached Bhalla house while finding fanny. They have served as very well. To know whether we found fanny or not you have to watch the episode.

Mrs. Ayer has come as well and everyone is glad. Arjun tells the reporter, this is the first time I am on the small screen and it feels really good. They hosted us very well. Ishita says our show is related to both of you. Our show is like 2 streets. My character is like the one Deepika did in Chennai express.

Reporter says, Ishita has made the food with her own hands. Ishita has been taking cooking classes but she is oblivious of the fact that he teacher is Shagun’s mom and Sanjina who pretends to be a pal is also with Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla told Ishita about Shagun’s mom.

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