Whole family, specially Akshara is very sad. As natik leaves for surat. Reporter says, the people who have to leave, nothing can stop them. He has to leave Akshara and Naksh. Natik is going to Surat to settle business of Nandani’s husband.

Akshara off screen says, Natik has finally left. The car has not passed the house. The scenes of see off are quite gloomy. He will be gone for two months or so. He has never left me or Naksh except when he was in the coma.

Reporter says, Naksh even packed his bag to go with Natik but that isn’t possible as he is going for months. Akshara tells the reporter, I told you that I am glad I will be shooting indoor while he will be outdoor. I saw some fans fighting on social media that Akshara doesn’t like to shoot with Natik. I am happy just because I will be indoor and I will go there in two episodes.

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