Astrologer’s prediction worries Sarada in Jagat Janani Maa Sarada

KOLKATA: The upcoming episodes of Aakash Aath’s Jagat Janani Maa Sarada, which is directed by Susanta Basu and features Arpita Mondol in the lead role of Sarada, will unfold a lot of drama.

During her pregnancy, Radhu becomes very cranky, and Sarada has a tough time coping with her tantrums. Sarada becomes so sensitive about Radhu and Maku’s delivery that she seeks an astrologer.

Any guesses about the astrologer’s prediction?

Well, after analysis, the astrologer declares that Radhu would be having an operation as opposed to a normal delivery. But for Maku, he states something horrible. None of Maku’s children shall see each other’s faces. On hearing this, Sarada decides to perform ‘yagna’ to seek blessings for Radhu and Maku.

What is in store for Radhu and Maku? Will the Holy Mother be able to protect the girls from mishaps?

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