Audience Perceptive: Netizens compare Priyanka Chahar Choudhary to Asim Riaz for being targeted every weekend; “Counselling Archana and lashing out at Priyanka for no reason, it seems like Salman Khan is losing the plot”

MUMBAI : The ‘Shukarvaar Ka Vaar’ is one of the most awaited episodes of the show as Salman Khan comes and gives an insight into how the week went, and how the contestants have performed over the week.

Some will be getting praises, while some others will get bashed by the host of the show.

During this week, the fans witnessed the fight between Archana, Vikas and Shalin, where the politician said a lot of nasty things to both of them. He also cursed his mother and told Vikkas that he wouldn’t become a father.

Owing to this, the fans expected Salman Khan to lash out at Archana and to give her a stern warning, but instead, he made her understand in a much calmer way and counselled her, which came as a shock to many.

Instead of pouncing on Archana, he pounced on Priyanka as usual and told her that she was at fault, which has confused everyone.

Netizens feel that Priyanka is being targeted for no reason at all, and whatever happens in the house is only because of her, which they feel is so unfair.

They are remembering the good old days when Salman used to lash out at Rubina and Asim for no reason almost every weekend.

A similar pattern is being seen with Priyanka, and fans are not liking it and are questioning Salman Khan as to why he is doing this, and have said that he has completely lost it.

Check out what the netizens had to say :
Nidhi Shah : I fail to understand why  Salman Khan targets Priyanka for no more reason and when it’s not even her fault. I excepted him to take the case of Archana but he didn’t and spoke to her with so much calm and the pounced on Priyanka for no more reason, just reminded me of Rubina but guess this would work for Priyanka and she would become the winner of the show.
Karan Khan : Salman for no reason lashes out at Priyanka and I go back to memories when he used to do the same thing with Asim, Rubina and Gauahar and the immese fame they got post that whereas Rubina and Gauahar were declared as the winner of the show. But though we all consider him as of the best host for the show, there are times I feel that he fails when he does such a think of targeting someone for no reason. Archana was in complete fault and he didn’t tell her anything but said things to Priyanka.

Pooja Sharma :  For me Priyanka is one of the strongest contestant on the show and she is the one who running the show and in spite of that Salman keeps targeting and making her hear when it isn’t her fault also, this time I feel Salman Khan has lost the plot and he should do his research before he comes on board as a host.

Abhishek Singh : For me Priyanka will be the winner of the show the way Salman Khan has been targeting her when she is not at fault also, like yestersay we all know that Archana was at fault but in spite of that he targeted Priyanka and lashed out at her I think he is demented.=

Well, there is no doubt that Salman keeps targeting Priyanka for no reason but this might help her in the game and she might be declared as the winner of the show.

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