Bigg Boss 16: OMG! Shalin Bhanot gets punished by Bigg Boss; won’t become the captain for the entire season and is nominated for the next two weeks

MUMBAI : A lot has happened in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 16. Shalin Bhanot and Archana Gautam had an altercation as Shalin pushed Archana during a task, and Gautam got the captaincy. Also, Shiv was caught two times by Nimrit for cheating in his tasks and got disqualified. Shiv gets angry with Sumbul and tells her to accompany Shalin.

Sumbul did not understand Shiv’s words and presumes he insulted her. Post the task, Archana asks Nimrit to speak to Shalin about hitting her but she denies. Shiv exclaims that the decision was unfair and voices it to Sajid Khan. Sajid Khan, along with other contestants pushed for Bigg Boss to take action against Shalin. However, he does not accept the fact that he got a little aggressive and hurt Archana during the task.

Yet again, Shalin gets aggressive and throws his mic and storms away. Gautam was asked to make a decision, as asked by Bigg Boss. While discussing what happened, Bigg Boss tells Gautam that Shalin is smoking in the garden area and breaking another rule. Tina and Sumbul are the only ones standing by him.

Gautam decides that Shalin is the culprit, and Bigg Boss reveals that it was unintentional, but as punishment, Shalin will directly be nominated for elimination for two weeks and cannot become captain of the house for the entire season. Shalin then goes to his room as he is afraid of Sajid Khan and MC Stan. Sajid Khan feels bad about losing his cool and after talking to Bigg Boss about it he apologises to Shalin but refuses to talk.

When Sajid Khan comes to apologise, Shalin gets out of bed and says, “Aap mujhe pareshaan kar rahe ho, Mujhe koi bhi baat nahi karni, meri koi galti nahi thi” (You are troubling me, I don’t want to talk about it, it was not my fault at all). Sajid tries numerous times and then goes away.

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