Jodha Akbar: Atifa attacks on Jalal in their marriage

In this promo, Jalal and Atifa’s marriage is taking place.

Jalal, in sehra, is in center with Atifa.

Jalal or the groom is asked whether he accepts this Nikah with Atifa.

Before the groom answers, to everyone’s surprise, Atifa takes out a sword and cuts his neck.

All scream Jalal/Shahenshah and try to go to the groom, but they are stopped by the guards.

The groom falls on the floor.

Atifa, with blood all over on her face, says that their Shahenshah is dead now!

Jodha is shocked.

Watch this action-packed episode on 21st August 2014 at 8p.m. only on Zee.

For all fans’ relief, here’s a spoiler:

On the Nikah day, Jalal will expose Atifa and reveal that it was all Maham’s plan. He will also clear all misunderstandings that are between Jodha and him.

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