Neha Marda: Dance is literally my life

On the occasion of International Dance Day on Thursday, actress Neha Marda opened up on her passion for dancing, saying it helped her get to where she is today in her career.

“Dance is not just a small part of my life, it is literally my life. I believe I wouldn’t have been where I am today if it weren’t for my passion and love for dance. There is a different level of happiness and power that I have achieved by pursuing dance,” says Neha.

“I realised the true meaning of it when I started dancing at the age of three. I have trained myself for nine years in Bharatanatyam, seven years in Kathak and four years in Jazz and Salsa. As a kid, I participated in dance reality shows and even judged one of them, so my dance journey began from there and it is still going on,” she adds.

As a child, she learnt to express her feelings because of dance. “Honestly, I believe dance has made me very expressive because as a kid, I was very shy and only after I started dancing, I learned how to express myself in a better way. One dance style that I look forward to learning next is Bachata because I think it needs a lot of power and a lot of strength,” says Neha, who plays Shubhra in the Zee TV show “Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti”.

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