Revealed! Helly Shah OPENS UP on her relationship status and favourite co-star

One of the most popular and adorable TV stars, Helly Shah has a huge fan following. Known for several TV projects, the actress has been wooing fans with her acting chops.

The actress started her career at a young age of 15 and recently completed 10 years in the industry. Helly Shah rose to fame after starring in shows such as Diya Aur Baati Hum, Swaragini, Laal Ishq, among others. In an interview, Helly spoke about her journey in showbiz, the co-actors she enjoyed working with the most, her relationship status and more. Talking about the actor she enjoyed working with the most, she said, “I enjoy working with Rrahul Sudhir in my current show. He makes me feel very comfortable and it’s fun to work with him. I have often told him that he’s one of the best co-actors I have worked with.”

Further, Helly Shah shared her thoughts about love and relationships. “Currently, I am just focused on my work. I am single and if I find someone I really like, I won’t mind taking things forward. But I am yet to meet someone special. I will balance my personal life with my work commitments. I don’t like to plan things in advance, I prefer going with the flow.” When asked how the past year has been for her, the actress said, “I know 2020 has been a tough year for most people, but I feel the past one year has taught me a lot of things. I was living alone in Mumbai and learnt how to enjoy my own company.”

“There were people who were using the time to take up various courses and at one point, I felt pressurized to do the same. But eventually, I decided to take it easy and do whatever I wanted to because my mental health is more important for me,” added the actress.

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