Roli says to surbhi to kill herself. Surbhi is crying for help. She says to roli that whatever happened, I have no fault in it. Roli says nobody can take my simar didi’s place, you have to be killed.

Reporter says, Roli has become killer for her sister. She is threatening Surbhi with a sharp knife, as surbhi has taken simar’s place in the house. Roli says to surbhi that scream as much as you want. Reporter says, this is not roli but ghost in roli’s body who is doing all this.

Sunaina off-screen says, roli is not killing anyone but I am killing people by going in roli’s body. I am doing this to take revenge from roli who is trying to send off this world. I enter her body for the first time to make roli afraid to not try to send me from this world.

Sunaina comes out of roli’s body. Surbhi runs from there. Sid comes to roli and sees her afraid so he hugs her. He is not even understanding, how to get rid of this ghost.

off-screen Surbhi says, I am dealing with family and Sid is dealing with the ghost. Sid says, many conspiracies are being going on, we are trying to send sunaina from our lives but its not much easy. we have to do something different to manipulate Ghost.

Reporter says, roli and simar has solved many problems. They have clened their house with their tears and now they have the challenge to send this ghost from their lives and its already written that simar and roli will send her away by their tears.

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