Check out the STEAMIEST on-screen lesbian lip-locks that has got the temperature soaring high….

With the awakening of increasing awareness regarding the mass acceptance and assimilation of the LGBTQA communities into mainstream society, there has been drastic alterations in the crude definition of ‘basic norm’ lately. Regressive acts like hate-mongering, body-shaming, homophobia, transgender-shaming, sexual-orientation shaming, asexual-shaming, racism, alienation and many others attrocities are being directly addressed and targetted by the woke citizens of the society in the radical wake of feminism and the acceptance of equality.

In the wake of feminism since the last 2 decades, all individuals are being provided with the opportunity of voicing their opinion publicly regarding their educational and career desires, style endorsement choices irrespective of cis-sexual ideologies, sexual orientations and desires, etc. without the fear of being rejected or shunned down. However, this is just the beginning of a major reformation which would definitely establish a stronger foundation in the society with the majority’s validation in the long-run.

This social revolution has imparted a massive impact even on the media industries (worldwide) since people from different professional spheres (including artistes and actors) are acknowledging their sexual desires first by going against the mainstream patriarchal norms, before taking a stand for their interests before the society. To make the concept easily validable, many movies and OTT shows have come up which has taken up the responsibility to portray plots based on similar, creative and struggling genres, which are definitely being embraced by the new-gen peeps but as expected, are also being discarded by the many Indian households who blindly follow the old-school mentalities. However, with the repeated screening of this concept through various peace-making and simpler storylines is helping the viewers to steadily accept the new norm as there’s literally nothing wrong with it.

With many movies, serials and OTT series coming up with bold contents like these with each passing day, let’s take a broad-minded look at some of the most sensuous and steamiest lip-lock moments of the on-screen lesbian couples from the Indian scenario:

1. Nia Sharma and Isha Sharma in Twisted

2. Madura Naik and Aasma Badar in MTV Big F

3. Sunny Leone and Sandhya Mridul in Ragini MMS 2

4. Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth in I Can’t Think Straight

5. Bani J and Lisa Ray for Four More Shots Please!

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