RK and Sandhya reach somewhere in a car. Sadhya is dressed in desi wear rather than her police uniform.
Reporter says, ISP sandhya has disguised as a village girl instead of her uniform and on the other hand, RK is out of his handcuffs. He says, you must wonder that why is a terrorist like RK roaming without handcuffs he might run away again. That’s not the case. Sandhya’s team is all around him disguised as normal villagers. They have planned the operation pretty well.

Sandhya off screen says, I have done a lot as a cop but RK escapes every time. So i guess this time I have to be something different. I dressed up as a civilian and we have planned an operation that would not fail.

Zakir says, I am under cover. We are working on a special mission about RK. You will know soon what are we intending to do. Reporter says, Sandhya has planted this operation against RK. She has come to a village to locate his network in the jail. The commandos will be all around her.

Sandhya has brought RK to a house where she says to the owners he is your new guest. I hope you will host him well. Commandos will be all around here. They won’t let you run away from here. So if you attempt to escape they won’t mind shooting you.

Sandya tells the reporter, We have brought him here because I don’t think he is safe in jail. He can run from jail that shows how strong his network is. If he runs again we will arrest him again. We are enjoying shooting these scenes. My co-stars are cool.

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