Anam asks Arzoo why did you come here? to work in office or to talk on phone. She gets irritated with her wasting time on phone calls. She complains to Alvira about it. Kise Ke Haath Na Aayegi song plays…………..

Reporter says, ancient people told not to make the guests sits on our head. Sahir got this teaching. Arzoo goes somewhere daily and is phone call with someone. Sahir will do the justice and Anam too. Anam accuses her for breaking the office discipline.

Reporter says, Anam is taunting Arzoo and is behaving like a mum in law. Arzoo must have heard about Aatithi Tum Kab Jawoge………….Arzoo gets a phone call and she goes inside to attend the call. Keep reading.

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