Sahir is seen sitting beside a lady who is on the bed in the hospital. Tujhe Bulawun plays…………..The lady opens her eyes. Sahir looks tensed. Reporter says look at the woman who is at the bed. Sahir’s Arzoo is completely unaware of her. She is none other than Sahir’s past.

She is Sahir’s first wife who have entered his life just now. She came out of coma. Arzoo reached the hospital as her ammi is unwell. Arzoo says she doesn’t know about Sahir’s wife. Reporter says what will happen to your love story. Arzoo and Sahir are seen hugging each other, then Sahir walking off in anger.

Reporter catch up with Harshad’s friend Karan Kundra. Karan compliments Harshad and says he is getting more handsome. Harshad laughs. He jokes about his diet. Reporter says they cheer their friendship and have icecream. They even click a selfie. Keep reading.

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