Sid apologizes to Rajveer infront of everyone. Reporter says did hero apologizes to villian. We can’t believe, but it is happening. Sid folds his hand. Sid says he did this to give peace to his family. Roshini says she doesn’t like her husband to bend infront of anyone and it is very offensive. Reporter says Sid have to apologizes as plan failed. He brought Rajveer’s chacha and chachi to expose Rajveer but his plan flops.

Rajveer says Sid came to know about my Chacha and Chacha and brought them from Pune to reveal my secret, but his plan flops. Mona was leaving the house with her daughter and Rajveer, that’s why Sid have to apologize to stop her from leaving. Sid says Rajveer will be exposed but don’t know how. Rajveer hugs Sid after he apologizes. Keep reading.

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