Abhi is seen taking Pragya in his arms as they have lost in the jungle. They land in the haunted house. Reporter says, the location is scary and straight out of the haunted house. We are scared too. Pragya gets scared and says she won’t go inside. Abhi drags her forcibly.

Pragya gets scared seeing the atmosphere. Reporter says, Abhi and pragya are scared to see the kaka of the house. She asks him to take it easy. Pragya sees Kaka and gets scared thinking him to be ghost. Abhi explains to Pragya. Pragya says, she gets scared with ghosts and Abhi too, but he pretends that he don’t get scared. Reporter says, Abhi teases Pragya by calling her Chudail.

Pragya refuses to go inside. Abhi says, we have reached somewhere else instead of Pune. Reporter says, Pragya exhibited her fears infront of Abhi. Pragya says, she is scared of every unknown things. Otherwise I am not scared. Reporter says, all the ghosts and chudail will leave seeing their arguments. Keep reading.

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