Radha is strangling Urmila and has grabbed her by her neck. all ladies of family part them away.

Reporter says, today Radha won leave Urmila. She has decided to kill Urmila by strangling but she couldn’t success in it as ladies came for Urmila’s rescue and with much difficulty they made freed Urmila from Radha’s clutches.

Reporter says, the function was for launch of project in name of late Rashi bu Radha couldn’t control herself and she grabbed Urmila by her neck as Urmila was Taunting her.

Off-screen Urmila is with Radha and Rashi. Urmila says, I said to Radha that don’t leave this family but she grabbed me.

Reporter says, Urmila said many things to Radha for trying to kill her but Radha couldn’t say anything as Kokila have applied glue on Radha’s lips and she can’t speak now.

Off-screen, all are together. Dhaval says that Radha cannot say anything s there is favicol in her mouth. Gopi says that Radha is saying that dont’s fear di, I am here to solve your problem. Radha points at them. Jigar says, Radha is saying to remove your maids and she will work as maid, all laughs.

Reporter says, Jigar was wearing tuxedo but he was looking more like a waiter or James bond.

Off-screen Dhaval says, just look at Jigar’s shoes. Jigar hides his feet behind Gopi. Gopi moves aside. Dhaval says these are shoes of our business tycoon, who is doing business of millions and just at his shoes. His shoes are plan black simple.

Reporter says, Gopi was looking different in party, she was wearing nice Saree with different hair style.

Off-screen Gopi says, I have become bride as its party of my brother in law. Reporter says Ahem is not to be seen anywhere. Dhaval jokes that he has ran away on scooter, all laughs.

Off-screen Gopi says, make me vampire. Jigar and Dhaval bite her like a vampire. they all take a Selfie together.

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