Vikrant’s plan is ruined and prem marries simar once again in front of whole village. He holds her hand and takes the rounds around the fire. Vikrant could do nothing but just stare.

Off screen: simar says, good wins in the end. We faced a lot of problems but now me and prem are one. Prem says finally simar and anjali are with me. Now we are beating Vikrant in his own people.

Prem and Sid reach the Village and grasp vikrant. Prem and Simar were about to leave when Vikrant points the gun on Leela and says I will kill her. Simar had to stop. Vikrant takes her to the wedding hall and was about to marry her. Vikrant tells the reporter, I said i will marry you today prem but whole village was against me so Prem came and weds simar.

Off screen: Prem says, we get tired so we do all this fun on the set to regain the energy. Simar says, first in Vikrant’s Gujrat house and then Dehli, then hong kong and now here. I want to go home now. Its too much.

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