Ishita and Raman dance in the new year party. Shagun is not liking it. During the family photo Ishita made Shagun stand a her place and took the photo herself. Raman and Shagun kiss Aadi and Ishita takes the photo. Ishita asked Raman to give the earrings to Shagun that he gifted her. Everyone got sad by this generosity of Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cheered everyone by popping up the bottle.

Off screen: Ishita says its new year party. Everyone has come here to celebrate and be happy. Aadi was upset. He was looking at his mom again and again. For a kid his mom and dad are the most people. He doesn’t know what are relationship statuses. So I wanted his mom dad to stand together to get him feeling of a complete family. Shagun says its a family photo. I want aadi and myself to be part of this photo and kick Ishita out. Ishita says if you trust your husband these things don’t matter.

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