Ishita is really upset about the incident of last night when she went to the wrong party. Raman is trying to console her but is uncontrollably crying. He swipes her tears and hugs her. She can’t control her sobs. Raman couldn’c control his own tears while swiping Ishita’s.

ishita is still feeling humiliated about what happened last night. Ishita says, I have been misbehaved and I am in a trauma after that. This is surely someone’s plan. I can’t blame anyone as I can’t even think right now.

Ishita says to raman, everyone in the society was staring at me with humiliating eyes. Raman syas they have no right to humiliate anyone. you don’t have to worry. You are a strong woman.

Ishita says, Raman can only hit them but he can’t bring the dignity back. So just his motivation is enough for me. Raman makes her sleep. Mrs. Bhalla tried to console ishita before Raman but she was unsuccessful. Simi was seen apologizing Ishita because her husband was among the ones who harassed ishita.

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