Reporter says, Akshara is getting emotional. Akshara hugs naksh and cries. Reporter says, there was a huge twist coming, but now all is fine. Actually naksh was missing his father Natik who has gone to surat and scolded him too.

Naksh was sad and decided to go to surat alone, but it was good that he missed his train and akshara found him. Akshara comes to her child and hugs. she says where were you gone? how can you leave the house like this. If you were angry with then i could have said sorry to you but how can you leave me like this.

Off-screen Akshara says, Naskh is missing his father and he is not getting attention in the house as I am busy in the house and in the office too so I am not able to give him time. Naksh made plan with yash and he stole train ticket of an office employ to go surat and he filled his school bag with clothes.

Reporter says, Naksh has a full plan to go to surat. Naksh says to Akshara that he missed his train as he was late. Reporter says, otherside natik is also in a problem as he has gone to a wrong house and house people started his marriage preparations.

Off-screen natik says, I remember Surname only and by confusion, I went to a wrong house and there it seemed that someone is trying to make me marry his daughter.

Reporter says, it seems natk and duggu can’t live without each other for a long time so what will Akshara in that case. Akshara says, I guess we will go to natik.

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