Akshara has reached Surat. She meets Natik. Natik hugs her.

Reporter says, Its like wherever you, my shadow will follow you, Natik and Akshara have same case as they can’t be away from each other for much time. Natik went to Surat for his work but Akshara missed him a lot that she came to Surat with Duggu to meet Natik. Natik and Akshara are shown busy in romantic couple dance in park.

Off-screen Natik says, Show has to progress so its romance which takes the show forward. Audience like us together and we try to bring out chemistry.

Reporter says, Natik could believe his eyes as Akshara surprised him and as soon as Duggu slept, Akshara and Natik start their romance. Zahenaseeb song plays as They both come close to each other. Reporter says, they are obsessed with Gujrat that they professed love in Gujrati.

Off-screen Natik says, Akshara said I love you in Gujrati so I told her that she is looking very beautiful. Reporter says, After Akshara and Naksh coming to Surat, Natik have changed his business schedule and is enjoying with family in park, sometime he is romancing with Akshara othertime he is eating Ice-cram with Naksh, Now his work will be easy as Akshara has come and they will spend good time.

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