Akshara hugs Natik and is in tears as he is leaving for Surat. Old song, ‘mat jao saniyan’ plays in the background. She smiles for him.

Reporter says, this emotional scenes are here because Natik is leaving his Akshara not forever, but they are giving expressions like he is leaving forever. Natik is going to Surat and he has already started missing Akshara. He had tears in his eyes and Akshara tried to handled him.

Akshara tells the reporter that environment isn’t tensed at all. A partner is helping his other partner. This is when you show your true friendship. Nandani is Natik’s sister and her husband is Natik’s best friend. This makes his responsibility double. Anyone even I would have done the same.

Reporter says, Natik is can’t even focus on work and he is staring at Akshara and he hugs Akshara. Akshara says whole world is on one side and your partner on the other.
Reporter says, Natik is emotional while Naksh is busy in quarreling with his cousin that Natik has to leave because of his da. Akshara tells Naksh is upset as well but he is fighting with his cousin. They are arguing like my dad is leaving because of yours. Finally, the fight will be resolved and Natik will leave. This will be three months trip.

Reporter says, the only person happy for Natik’s departure is Akshara. Lets ask her why ? Akshara says, I won’t miss him. Because I know I will be there too after two episodes.

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