Sandhya and Sooraj wish everyone a very happy Dewali. Sooraj says, its all incomplete without our fans. Reporter says, Sooraj avatar has been changed for a while. Since he has to go to Dubai food festival, he is wearing jeans shirt these days. Sooraj says, all the girls want that their husband should look good. They should wear suits and shirts. Sandhya thought that I should wear shirts. I miss my kurta as I have been wearing in for three straight years.

On the other hand, Bhabho is worried as Vikram and Meenakshi went out for a movie. There have been some issues between both and in the current scenario their movie plan seems inappropriate to bhabho. Sooraj says, bhabhi and baba sa made a plan to change Vikram. He is coming back to Meenakshi. Baba sa allowed Meenakshi easily to go for the movie. Both meenakshi and Prema are fasting for Vikram. Meenakshi tells the reporter, I have vowed that I will only break my fast from his hands. Vikram says, It yet to come whose fast will I break first.

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