Ishita gave the dress Raman gifted her to Shagun. Shagun comes to the party wearing the same dress. He gets resented. He says, my gifts are worthless for you.

Ishita tells the reporter, my husband wanted me to wear the dress he gifted, in the party. But Shagun so desperately wanted that dress to wear in a cocktail party. So I gave it to her. Now Raman is really bugged. He is mad why I didn’t wear the dress he gave.

Reporter says, Shagun arranged a cocktail party where everyone had to wear western dresses. So Raman gifted a dress to his wife so she can wear it in the party. When Ishita got to know that Shagun doesn’t have a dress she gave her dress to Shagun and came herself dressed in a saari.

Shagun tells the reporter, Its a one piece gown. We all had to dress in western. In the same party Ashok will propose me. So its a cocktail cum engagement. Mihika says, yeah this is the first time we have out of the box in the show and its feels good.

Only ishita was the mismatch in the party so Raman’s anger was justified. He called Ishita his mom. Ishita shows him a woman wearing saari. He says look at her age. Yeah I know you are as old as her.

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